For more than 35 years, Annie Stackhouse has been teaching people how to move, dance, and align their bodies in a way that helps them to achieve better health. Creator of the Stackhouse Technique™ – Annie utilizes yoga, Pilates, modern dance, functional anatomy and fun to help people achieve better posture alignment, freedom from chronic pain, and an improved sense of well-being!

As a Movement Educator, Annie embodies a rich history of training, practice, and research around movement and posture alignment and how proper attention to both can optimize health. Specifically, Annie holds a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree in Dance from Smith College, trained in Laban Movement Analysis, and she has served as an associate professor of Dance in the Five College Dance Department in Western Massachusetts. She has also written a book on yoga for children titled, On a Mountain, and she has conducted research studies on the link between movement efficiency and aging.

Annie comments, “Research has proven that posture or skeletal alignment and movement performance are completely interdependent: improvement of either one automatically leads to improvement in the other.” She states that improvement of posture will help improve joint flexibility, optimize energy, and improve your figure.

As a retreat and workshop leader and keynote speaker, Annie is a teacher at heart and loves working with both individuals and groups. For more than 20 years, she has traveled between Nantucket Island, Massachusetts and Maui, Hawaii working as a Movement Educator, and she continues this important journey today.

"As I work with people, I keep finding new ways of exploring the rich connections between movement, therapy, and fitness, and I love helping people of all ages enjoy the many physical and psychological benefits of exercise and intentional movement," Annie said. She adds, "I specialize in helping people who do not usually enjoy exercise find joy in the process!"

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"Every joint has specific ways of operating…movement is not arbitrary." - Annie Stackhouse

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